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Like it or not, money is a relationship that isn’t going away. You can ignore it, abuse it, deny its existence, but still, you will be involved.

You do have a choice about how you relate to the money that flows in and out of your life: You can choose to bless it or curse it, be thankful or resentful, be knowledgeable or ignorant.

No matter how much or how little you have, how easily it comes and goes, you can take responsibility or not.

If you want to use your strengths to master money—feel uplifted and supported rather than burdened with shame and guilt, Wild Money™ will help you find your way.

Learning how to navigate your relationship with money is a process, an it takes practice.

Wild Money™ will guide you to craft a new relationship with money by exploring your money story to gain key practical information about yourself, and by witnessing others’ stories and images shared in those pages of the book.

You will realize you are not alone. The visual approach brings beauty to a topic most of us find challenging, at best, and flat our ugly at worst.

Money skills are learned, and they develop with time and practice.

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