You want to transform your relationship with money, build your net worth, and feel confident at the helm of your financial ship.

My life’s work is to inspire and support you in unlocking your natural wisdom using your creativity to transform your relationship with money.

You are innately creative and many answers wait inside you, waiting to be released and lead you on a journey of growth toward financial wisdom.

My Wild Money™ process helps you use visual language to bypass many of the self-censoring blocks you may be bumping up against time and again when you look to work on your money relationship.

It’s not a traditional budgeting or money management process.

The way I teach about money and improving your relationship with money has roots in my diverse background as: artist, psychotherapist, Certified Financial Planner™, money coach, business mentor, traveler, mother, partner, author and speaker.

I ask that you become curious about money + you, treat yourself kindly, and prepare to practice working on your relationship with money.

You can spend much of your life thinking there is a money gene and you missed out on it. I am here to tell you that there is still time to: Receive Money with Grace, Spend Money with Intention, Nurture Your Nest Egg, Grow Your Gold, Protect Your Potential, and Give with Guts.