For Financial Planners

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I offer a couple of ways to work with financial planners wanting to incorporate creativity and visual exercises into your practice with clients.


Wholesale Book Pricing

We offer wholesale pricing on books and journals for financial planners intending to give them as gifts to clients. Please contact quantities and pricing. 

Facilitating Financial Transformation: Level I

The Level I Financial Professional Training is a private, one-on-one experience of walking through the entire Wild Money process, which gives you the insight necessary to facilitate the work yourself.  This is a prerequisite to taking the Level II training which will be offered at a later date.  You will receive 8 one-hour coaching sessions, via Skype, scheduled weekly or biweekly.

Investment:  $2599 or 3 payments of $875  Contact us to find out more…

Facilitating Financial Transformation: Level II

The Level II Financial Professional Training can be in a private or group setting. 

The next step is to take someone through the entire process— I coach you through each step.  You would ask someone to volunteer— it could be a client or prospect- but they do not pay you, as you are learning.  This is usually a 3 month journey.

I meet with you 2 times a month to review how things are going and to prepare for your next meeting.  I have you record your sessions so I can give you feedback.

Investment: 3 payments of $699  Contact us to find out more…