Everyone has an innate creativity and inner wisdom to guide you in your relationship with money.

It’s the same voice that guides you in all your relationships: friends, family, adversaries, career, home, place, and your relationship with yourself.  When we dismiss, stop hearing, or resent that little voice inside, the path of our true life becomes overgrown and difficult to distinguish.

I help people tune-in to that little voice — your inner wisdom — by using a visual and journaling process to get you practicing in your relationship with money.

I am inspired by gratitude and curiosity, knowledge and inner wisdom, ceremony and practice.

My work brings color, beauty, metaphor, and nuance to the traditionally stuffy and esoteric industry of financial services.


What started as one-on-one work with my financial planning clients has blossomed into a set of books to guide you on your path to financial wisdom.

I am an author, speaker, teacher, mother, partner, creative, traveler, connector, expert demolitionist (figuratively, not literally), and artist who learned (after the age of 40):

None of us were born with a money gene. It’s not too late. You can learn how to be savvy with money. Your creative spirit is an asset (not a liability). You are not selfish or greedy for wanting an easeful relationship with money.

My path, when I listen to my inner wisdom, reminds me that we each equally deserve to have a natural, delightful, nourishing relationship with money, and I am purposed to be of guidance to all willing travelers.

Are you willing to start your journey?

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In 2003 I was surprised on the tradeshow floor while selling security systems. A woman from a national financial planning company recruited me into the financial services industry after seeing how I’d interacted with attendees to my booth. It was a surprising answer to a prayer I had made. An opportunity to stretch and grow. An opportunity I still had to say “yes” to.

At first I couldn’t believe she really meant me — I was sure there was a money gene and I’d missed out, I’d spent over a decade in a feast or famine cycle as a working artist selling my original wearable silk paintings (putting all the expenses on my credit card and praying for the upcoming show to have high enough sales to pay it all off again), I had painful memories of times when I was betrayed with money seemingly at the heart of the matter — surely if she’d known all that she never would have encouraged me to join the company and align my path toward earning the CFP® designation. Right? Most everyone who did know the backstories (friends, family) tried to dissuade me, their disbelief that I could fit in the profession made me work harder, succeed better and show them they were wrong. (And prove to myself that I could pass some very difficult financial professionals tests with an average first pass rate hovering around 66%.)

After over 7 years with that national investment firm, the entrepreneurial itch returned along with my desire to bring more beauty, warmth, personality, and liveliness to the traditionally buttoned-up white-male industry of financial services. This is where my background and Master’s degree in psychotherapy made itself useful and when I started to flesh out my process involving the whole self into your financial planning — that money is a relationship each of us carries.

Since 2010, my boutique financial planning firm Lunaria Financial located in (yet not limited to) Portland Oregon, has been helping individuals, couples, and families to navigate their unique financial wildernesses. I have witnessed profound changes in my clients as they allow themselves to tune-in to their own inner wisdom (and occasionally tune-in to a swift kick in the pants courtesy a la moi, when needed). Yet, how could I form this process (based in my psychotherapy practice, theater experience, ceremony, and rooted in sound financial practices) to make it available beyond one-on-one work with clients?

Wild Money™ was born in 2013. I shopped the idea around to several publishers, who were interested if I was willing to give up creative and editorial control. I was not. I had set out to create the World’s First Beautiful Book About Money, and with the help of a designer, two wonderful illustrators, and the real work, narratives and drawings of my students and clients. . . we did just that.

Luna Jaffe has been guiding individuals and couples through their unique financial wilderness for over a decade. She has a Master’s degree in Jungian psychotherapy, is a Certified Financial Planner®, and is the CEO of Lunaria Financial® located (yet not limited to) SW Portland, Oregon.

Her holistic financial planning process integrates creativity and intuition with traditional financial analysis and practice. As a professional speaker and teacher, Luna’s engaging seminars balance actionable financial knowledge with introspective personal development.