wild you

(Image by Deborah Carlson)

You are drawn to experiences rich in meaning, expression or spirit.
Money is not the focus of your life, in fact if you could live without it things would be so much better.

But it doesn’t work that way.


So you look for answers.

Maybe you’ve tried Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey.  The books are gathering dust on your shelves because you’d rather be painting or playing or singing or teaching.

I get it, and this site is for you.

It’s for the curious, reluctant, scared, hopeful creative that wants to feel good about the way money works in your life.

Money is a tool that you want to have in your toolbox.  It’s energy you want to be tapped into; it’s power and possibility, opportunity and hope.

Here you can be smart AND creative AND savvy about money.

You can be a beginner who asks questions about everything and you can be a sage that shares knowledge and knowing with others.

I wasn’t born with a money gene and most likely, you weren’t either.

I am still learning.  You are still learning. It’s okay.  In my world there are no dumb questions.

My life’s work is to inspire you to transform your relationship with money, build your net worth, and feel confident being at the helm of your financial ship.

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