Striving for Fullness with Plenty

Striving for Fullness with Plenty

plenty-scales-2I think I can safely say that we have all thought about what enough money is. Enough means we are covering our bills and expenses each month, right? But what about having plenty of money? The word plenty changes the internal conversation.


Enough refers to adequately, satisfactorily, sufficiently, suitably. It means “in the amount needed” and “to a degree that is not very high or very low,” “to a reasonable extent.”


If we aim to have enough money we will stop ourselves short, settling for sufficient when we could have so much more with plenty. (click to tweet!)


Plenty comes from the Latin word plenitas meaning fullness.


I like that. Striving for fullness. Fullness of experience, of my bank accounts, of opportunities and resources. Other words related to plenty are abundant, ample, bounteous, comfortable, cornucopian, generous, liberal, plethora.


These words make me breathe more deeply, relax more fully, and I feel ease in my body when I hangout with such words.

Language is curious, isn’t it? We live with words, and often define ourselves and our experiences by them. One of the reasons I use visual images to help clients deepen and improve their relationship with money is that the visual world is preverbal, and therefore allows us to access our inner landscape before we define it with the limitations of language.


plenty-scales-3Visual images are helpful… very, very helpful when working to decipher the part of your money story written before words, or the part caught up in the grip of an emotional blockage. When you logically understand what needs to be done next, but can’t manage to move forward, that’s the limits of language blocking an emotional message.


Yet, language is with us to stay. So how do you work within the limitations of language and support emotional work? By paying attention to the language you use and the emotions connected to words that you may not give a second thought to.


You may not have thought about it before, what the word “enough” really feels like internally. I bet you’ll start noticing when you say “enough” and the limits it creates for you.


Did you take me up on my challenge to avoid the “enough” word for 24 hours (from this post)? What word did you use instead, was there a noticeable impact?


If this struck a chord with you, come on in to the comments section below and share your thoughts.

Luna Jaffe is a Certified Financial Planner, visual artist, author and professional speaker. She holds a Master's Degree in depth psychology and is the founder and CEO of Lunaria Financial based in (yet not limited to) Portland, Oregon.


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