Procrastination and Money Part V: Time Management

Procrastination and Money Part V: Time Management

Part V: I’ll Get to it. . . Later!! It’s poor time management.

five-minutes-a-dayOh, how I love to write about a topic that often bites me in the butt!

The fifth reason people procrastinate about financial decisions is because of poor time management… (I can relate, can you relate? I think we all can.)


When was the last time you forgot to transfer money at the bank, or left your IRA/401k contribution in cash, or had paperwork sitting on your desk for weeks that needed your signature?

Time: that precious commodity that easily gets away from us.

Management: the ability to control or decide how to use a precious commodity.

So, how do you make time for odious tasks like balancing your checkbook, looking at your bank account balances or reallocating your investments?

How do you move beyond procrastination when your life is roaring like a freight train on steroids? 

Do the thing you never have time for FIRST. Before breakfast, before getting the kids to school, before your work day begins. Get the ball rolling.

If you are like me, you have lists— in your head or on paper- of all the things you need to get done. My guess is some of the important financial tasks aren’t even on the list.

What if you changed that? Might look like this:

      • Call kid’s school
      • Send package to Mom
      • Dinner date with Gary and Rob
      • Check bank accounts
      • Buy dog food
      • Change beneficiaries on life insurance
      • Schedule Dr appt

Just for kicks, move the financial tasks to the top of the list— then do them! The key to success is this:

s m a l l, b i t e – s i z e d  t a s k s!

One more thing…

It not only feels good to complete a financial task… but it very often saves you money. I have clients that have found hundreds, even thousands of dollars by paying attention to checking and credit card accounts, as well as taking the time to open their mail.

Luna Jaffe is a Certified Financial Planner, visual artist, author and professional speaker. She holds a Master's Degree in depth psychology and is the founder and CEO of Lunaria Financial based in (yet not limited to) Portland, Oregon.


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